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Margry, P.J.


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  • Fieldwork in Religion
  • Quotidian. Journal for the Study of Everyday Life
  • SIEF Newsletter
  • Yearbook for Liturgical and Ritual Studies


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  • Margry, P.J. & R. Howard & D. Wojcik: ‘Apocalyps 2012: Flash Pilgrims and the Globalization of Internet Prophecy.’ (2012-2014; 3 researchers, 2 assistents), ingediend bij: National Endowment for the Humanities. Niet toegekend.
  • Howard, R. i.s.m. P.J. Margry (Meertens Instituut), D. Wojcik (University of Oregon): ‘Global Spirituality and the 2012 Movement: New Technologies and Internet Religion in the 21st Century.’ (2012-2014; 3 researchers, 2 assistents), ingediend bij: Templeton Foundation, NY. Niet toegekend.


  • Review Fellowship,  Clare College, Cambridge.
  • Reviewer,  NWO.


  • Margry, P.J. (2012). Ethnology Lecture Leonard Primiano. 14th Meertens Ethnology Lecture: Amsterdam (2012, september 10).
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  • Bestuurslid Fieldwork in Religion.
  • Bestuurslid Yearbook for liturgy and ritual.
  • Executive Vice-President  International Society for Ethnology and Folklore.
  • Bestuurslid Quotidian.
  • Chair Ethnology of Religion Working Group, Section of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore.


  • Promotie Janneke Peelen, Radboud universiteit.
  • Promotie J. Samson, Radboud University.


  • Margry, P.J.. Contemporary Popular Religion in Turkey and the Netherlands. Istanbul: Süleyman Şah University, Istanbul and Netherlands Institute in Turkey


  • Margry, P.J. & Kromhout, B. (2012). Lessen uit het verleden: religie op straat. Historisch Nieuwsblad, 28-28.