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28 september 2007

Party Formations
A seminar on dance events and the making of meaning 
Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam

Friday 28, September 2007


In view of a research project on dance culture by social scientists from the Meertens Instituut and the VU University, both at Amsterdam, we organize a one-day seminar entitled ‘Party Formations’, in which experts on dance are invited to join the research team in thinking about the contents and practical aspects of this research. In this seminar we will explore what kind of research is needed and which specific research questions have to be posed for the disclosure of the political, moral and religious meanings of dance, and in particular, for the ways in which dance could be shaping identities and world views of ‘dancers’ and ravers. You are kindly invited to attend this seminar.


chair: Tom ter Bogt (University of Utrecht)

09:30 a.m. welcome
10:00 a.m. introduction (Anton van Harskamp, Blaise Pascal Institute; Johan Roeland, VU University; Irene Stengs, Meertens Instituut)
10:30 a.m. presentation 1 (Marjolein Albers, Dance4Life)
11:15 a.m. coffee/tea break
11:30 a.m. presentation 2 (Dick Koopman, Studio 80)
12:15 p.m. lunch
13:15 p.m. lecture Dan Laughey (Leeds Metropolitan University)
14:20 p.m. lecture Gordon Lynch (University of London)
15:25 p.m. tea/coffee break
15:45 p.m. discussion research proposal
16:00 p.m. tea/coffee break
17:15 p.m. closure and drinks


Participation is free, but please register if you are interested in participating (send an e-mail to:

The seminar will take place on Friday, September 28 at the Meertens Instituut (Joan
Muyskenweg 25, Amsterdam). For a route description see contact information.

‘Party Formations’ is a joint initiative of the Blaise Pascal Institute, the Meertens Institute, and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of Social Sciences of VU University Amsterdam. The seminar has been made possible by financial support by NWO, the Blaise Pascal Institute and the Meertens Institute.