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8 november 2007

Lezing door prof. dr. Ulrich Marzolph
Plaats: Symposiumzaal, Meertens Instituut

Tehran Murals

The ideological discussions that have been going on in Iran ever since the “Islamic” revolution have manifested themselves in various arenas of political and societal concern. Besides the traditional means of propaganda such as the print-media and modern mass communication, Iranian politicians employ a large range of other media to propagate their intentions and ideas. Of these, representations in writing and illustration in public spaces deserve particular attention, since they combine traditional modes of artistic expression with intentions of contemporary concern for Shia Iran.
My presentation relates to the specific media of large wall posters (“murals”). The vacant walls of large buildings, particularly in Teheran, have offered themselves for pictorial illustrations of moral and political standards arising from and conforming to the presently propagated Shia ideals. The particular art-form of mural serves various ends, such as glorifying the so-called Shia martyrs, reminding the people of the righteous leadership, and, only quite recently, substituting nature in an attempt to humanize the concrete habitat of modern cities. All of these ends aim to stabilize the present value-system by either underlining its intention, outlining its basic values, or simply by offering comfort in times of depression. The presentation relies on fieldwork undertaken in Tehran at various points since 1995.

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