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11 en 12 september 2008

Workshop on Phonological Voicing Variation
Workshop in het kader van de oratie van Marc van Oostendorp
Plaats: Amsterdam en Leiden

The phonetic difference between b and p, or z and s has been described
as a difference in (timing of) vocal fold vibration, but it well-known
that there are subtle differences in the precise implementation of
'voicing', as well as its function in the phonologies of the world's
languages. This workshop brings together researchers who study the
phenomenon from a variety of perspectives, both theoretical and
empirical, and both synchronic and diachronic. What's the right
phonological interpretation of voicing? How does it interact with
other phonological features? How do phonological processes involving
voice — such as intervocalic voicing, devoicing and voicing
assimilation — interact with other phonological processes?

The workshop takes place in Amsterdam and Leiden. The last talk is a
Dutch-style inaugural address, followed by a party, which is open to
participants in the workshop. Participation is free; but please
announce your presence beforehand to

You can download the abstracts by clicking on the titles.

(Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam)

10.00-10.35 Harry van der Hulst (University of Connecticut, US): tba
10.35-11.10 Berit Anne Bals, David Odden and Curt Rice (University of
Tromsø, Norway): Voicing and Other Laryngeal Properties in North Saami
11.20-11.55 Bert Botma (Leiden University, Netherlands): Aspiration,
fricatives and the multiple feature hypothesis in Icelandic

11.55-12.30 Alja Ferme and Saso Zivanovic (University of Nova Gorica,
Slovenia): La double vie de V[éronique]: now dubbed in Slovenian

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.35 Roland Noske (Université de Lille 3, France): 'Verner's
law' as a result of the interplay of intervocalic voicing and coda

14.35-15.10 Jochen Trommer (University of Leipzig, Germany): Voicing
Polarity as Opaque Licensing Intervention

15.30-16.05 Maria-Rosa Lloret & Jesús Jiménez (Universitat de
Barcelona & Universitat de València, Spain): Segmental similarity and
voice assimilation in Catalan

16.05-16.40 Eric Bakovic and Bozena Pajak (UC San Diego, US): Why and
how not to counterbleed

(University of Leiden, Lipsiusgebouw)

10.00-10.35 Ben Hermans (Meertens Instituut, Netherlands): Non-obvious
ways to repair non-licensed Voice
10.35-11.10 Daniel Currie Hall (University of Toronto, Canada): On the
voicing system of Île de Groix Breton

11.30-12.05 Nina Topintzi (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
Greece): Beyond tonogenesis: voicing effects on stress

16.00-17.00 Marc van Oostendorp (University of Leiden and Meertens
Instituut): De duivel zit in het verschil tussen d en t (The devil is
in the difference between d and t)