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24 september 2008

Lezing Asahi Yoshiyuki: 'Dialect transplantation studies in Japanese context'.

Plaats: Meertens Instituut, symposiumzaal
Tijd: 14.00 uur


This paper reports current trends in the dialect transplantation studies
with a special reference to Japanese language. As in Trudgill (1986), a number of
sociolinguistic studies have been conducted so as to clarify the dynamism of the
contact-induced language change in the immigrant communities where a number of
regional dialects have been in contact for a certain period of time. There are a number
of Japanese-speaking immigrant communities not only within Japan but outside Japan.
This paper starts with an outline of the sociolinguistic studies on this type of community.
At the same time, the relevant studies in English and Hindi will be introduced to
stress that this approach has been employed to various sociolinguistic settings.
Based on this review, this paper will raise two immigrant communities whose character
differs from each other: a Japanese new town, called 'Seishin New Town' in Kobe-city, and
one of the former Japanese territories, Sakhalin island in eastend of the today's Russia.
Sociolingusitic situation as well as contact-induced linguistic changes in each community
will be raised in order to explain the relationship of these immigrant communities.


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