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15 december 2008

Congres “Windows on Inflection
Plaats: Universiteit van Amsterdam

Windows on Inflection, University of Amsterdam

Monday 15 December – Tuesday 16 December, 2008

Location: PC Hoofthuis, Room 104

The Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication (ACLC) invites you to a workshop on the many aspects of inflection. The workshop is organised on the occasion of the finalization of two projects: ‘Variation in Inflection ’ (Variflex) and ‘Disentangling Bilingualism and SLI ’ (BISLI). At the same time, a new project that combines the fruits of the two projects with a processing approach is introduced. During the workshop, inflection will be addressed from a variety of research angles: first and second language acquisition, specific language impairment, language processing, language change, microvariation. The purpose of the workshop is to show how different research traditions can shed light on the same questions.   

Invited Speakers:
Prof. Josef Bayer, Universität Konstanz
Dr. Elma Blom, University of Alberta
Dr Vicky Chondrogianni, University of Reading
Prof. Harald Clahsen, University of Essex
Dr. Leonie Cornips, Meertens Instituut
Dr. Eric Fuß, Universität Frankfurt
Dr. Theo Marinis, University of Reading
Dr. Johanne Paradis, University of Alberta
Prof. Petra Schulz, Universität Frankfurt
Prof. Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh
Dr Sharon Unsworth, Utrecht University, Meertens Instituut

Participation fee: 50 euro ; 100 euro including dinner on Monday night. Payment in cash at conference site.
Please register by sending an e-mail to :


9.00-9.40 Fred Weerman (Amsterdam) Introductory talk: What we need to understand the rise and fall of inflection.
9.40-10.20 Michiel van Lambalgen (Amsterdam) Tense and aspect as a window on the brain
10.20-11.00 Elma Blom (Edmonton) Inflection: A window on effects of age and L1 transfer

11.00 –11.20      Coffee break

11.20-12.00 Antonella Sorace (Edinburgh) Convergences between early and late bilinguals: where and why  
12.00-12.40 Leonie Cornips & Aafke Hulk (Meertens Instituut/Amsterdam) Factors of succes and failure in the acquisition of grammatical gender in Dutch

12.40 – 14.20 Lunch

14.20-15.00 Olaf Koeneman & Alies Maclean (Meertens Instituut/Amsterdam) It ’s all in the past. On the status of second person plural in past tense verbal inflection of the Southern Dutch dialects
15.00-15.40 Suzanne Aalberse (Amsterdam) Waer bestu bleven? Disentangling the role of morphology internal and external factors in the loss of second person marking in Dutch

15.40-16.00     Tea break

16.00-16.40 Erik Fuss (Frankfurt) Grammaticalization vs. paradigm leveling: On the cyclic nature of  language change
16.40-17.10 Josef Bayer (Konstanz) (discussant)

Drinks & dinner