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18 juni 2010

Seminar: Tales of Two Cities (and other neighborhood stories)
Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam


09.30 coffee
10.00 welcome by Irene Stengs

Morning Session: Tales of Two Cities

Rhiannon Mosher
Oost West Thuis Best?
Feelings of Home, Framings of Belonging in Amsterdam

Jennifer Long
Plein Life:
Glimpses into the Everyday of City Spaces


12.15-13.45 Lunch

Afternoon Session: Other Neighborhood Stories

Helma Hellinga
Is the neighborhood a fictitious unity?
About the political, social and economical interests in making the neighborhood

Thijl Sunier

Roundtable discussion on the relation between the regime of the neighborhood and social scientific research

16:30 drinks

The participants

In the context of their PhD Rhiannon Mosher (York University, Canada) and Jennifer Long (University of Western Ontario, Canada) conducted anthropological research on the politics of belonging and urban space in respectively Amsterdam and Rotterdam (September 2009 – August 2010). In the morning session of this seminar they will share some of their first findings, themes and issues related to their fieldwork, with the objective to discuss these with other scholars interested in neighborhood research, citizenship and belonging.

Helma Hellinga is an urban sociologist, with a special interest in neighborhood politics, public housing and urban renewal. She is the author of Onrust in Park en Stad. Stedelijke vernieuwing in de Amsterdamse Westelijke Tuinsteden. Amsterdam: Het Spinhuis (2005).

Thijl Sunier holds the chair Islam in European Societies at the VU Institute for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society (VISOR). In November 2009 he gave his inaugural lecture, entitled: Beyond the Domestication of Islam. A reflection on Research on Islam in European Societies.

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