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Dutch Ethnology


One of the main characteristics of the present composition of the research group Dutch ethnology at the Meertens Institute is its multidisciplinarity. The research group represents disciplines like Dutch studies, history, art history, musicology, anthropology, sociology and social geography. This composition offers numerous possibilities for interdisciplinary collaboration and the formation of theories. The following ethnologists are presently active at the Meertens Institute:



Ineke van Beersum Documentalist
Martine de Bruin
Junior researcher Oral Culture
Hester Dibbits
Researcher Material Culture
Marie van Dijk
Research assistant Oral Culture
Eveline Doelman
Research assistant Feast and Ritual
Jörg Garbers Post-doc Oral Culture (Witchcraft)
Ellen van der Grijn
Louis Grijp
Researcher Oral Culture
John Helsloot
Researcher Feast and Ritual
Ruben Koman Research assistant Oral Culture
Peter van Kranenburg Research trainee Oral Culture (Witchcraft)
Lizzy van Leeuwen
Post-doc Feast and Ritual
Peter Jan Margry
Researcher Religious Culture
Theo Meder
Researcher Oral Culture
Herman Roodenburg
Research leader; Researcher Material Culture
Gerard Rooijakkers
Special researcher Feast and Ritual
Irene Stengs
Researcher Feast and Ritual
Anja Volk Post-doc Oral Culture (Witchcraft)
Marianne van Zuijlen


A brochure on the activities of the research group Dutch ethnology can be downloaded here (PDF file)