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Variational Linguistics

Staff members

The following variationist linguists are presently active at the Meertens Institute:



Sjef Barbiers Researcher Syntax
Hans Bennis Researcher Syntax
Boudewijn van den Berg Research assistant Morphology
Reina Boerrigter Research trainee Onomastics – Toponymy
Har Brok Researcher Lexicology
Leendert Brouwer Research assistant Onomastics – Antroponymy
Leonie Cornips Department leader; Researcher Syntax
Doreen Gerritzen Researcher Onomastics – Antroponymy
Ton Goeman Researcher Morphology
Margreet van der Ham Research assistant Syntaxis – Edisyn project
Ben Hermans Researcher Historical Phonology
Frans Hinskens Researcher Phonology
Mathilde Jansen Research trainee Dialectrenaissance
Olaf Koeneman Post-doc Syntax – Edisyn project
Joep Kruijsen Researcher Lexicology
Marika Lekakou Post-doc Syntax – Edisyn project
Alies MacLean Research trainee Syntax
Harm Nijboer Research assistant Onomastics – Toponymy
Marc van Oostendorp Researcher Phonology
Gertjan Postma Researcher Historical Syntax
Maike Prehn Research trainee Phonology
Arien van Wijngaarden Research trainee Ethnolects