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Ethnology Lectures

Meertens Ethnology Lectures

Two to three times a year the Meertens Ethnology Lectures are being held on the Meertens Instituut. These lectures are presented by invited speakers, innovating and experienced scholars or promising young researchers in the field of Ethnology and related disciplines. For more information on current lectures please visit the agenda. For more information on the lectures you can also contact Irene Stengs. The lectures are being held in the Symposiumzaal at the Meertens Instituut in Amsterdam. Entrance is free. For address and contact information please visit the contact page.

Meertens Ethnology Cahiers

The Meertens Ethnology Lectures are published in an extended format in the so-called Meertens Ethnology Cahiers. This series, edited by Peter Jan Margry, is published by Amsterdam University Press. Orders can be placed here as well.

Publications in this series: