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Vriend, dr. (Folkert)

Research results

articles | lectures


  • Vriend, F. de & D. Broeder & G. Depoorter & L. Van Eerten & D. Van Uytvanck. (2010) ‘Creating & Testing CLARIN Metadata Components’. In: Language Resource and Language Technology Standards – State of the Art, Emerging Needs, and Future Developments Workshop, 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC). [S.l.] : [s.n.], 2010, pp. -. Full text:
  • Vriend, F. de & J.P. Kunst & L. ten Bosch. (2008) ‘Evaluating the Relationship between Linguistic and Geographic Distances using a 3D Visualization’. In: Proceedings of the Sixth International Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’08). Marrakech : ELRA, 2008, pp. -. Full text:


  • Swanenberg, J. & L.M.E.A. Cornips & F. de Vriend & W.J. Heeringa. (2012) Is what we have acquired early, less vulnerable to variation? A comparison between data from dialectlexicography and data from first language acquisition. VIIth Congress of the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (SIDG), Vienna, 24-07-2012.
  • Vriend, F. de. (2012) Spoken Language Lexicons: Dialect Data. Expert Workshop ‘A shared LMF core for sign language lexicons’, Ravenstein, 30-11-2012. Full text:
  • Vriend, F. de & M. Snijders. (2011) Bridging the gap between first language acquisition and historical linguistics with the help of digital humanities. Supporting Digital Humanities (SDH), Kopenhagen, Denemarken, 17-11-2011.
  • Vriend, F. de. (2011) COAVA. Kick off meeting 2nd call CLARIN NL, Utrecht, Nederland, 09-02-2011.
  • Vriend, F. de. (2010) Creating & Testing CLARIN Metadata Components. The seventh international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), Valletta, Malta, 18-05-2010.
  • Vriend, F. de. (2010) MIMORE. 1e CLARIN-NL bijeenkomst, Utrecht, 19-02-2010.
  • Vriend, F. de. (2010) MIMORE – Demonstratieproject CLARIN-NL. Info-sessie Call 2, Amsterdam, 26-08-2010.