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Bylinina, L. (Lisa)

Research results

    Bylinina, L. Sudo, Y. & McCready, E. (2015). Notes on Perspective-Sensitivity. In P. Arkadiev, I. Kapitonov, & Y. Lander (Eds.), Donum Semanticum: Opera Linguistica et Logica in Honorem Barbarae Partee a Discipulis Amicisque Rossicis Oblata. Moscow: LRC Publishing.
    Bylinina, L. Sudo, Y. Ivlieva, N. & Podobryaev, A. (2015). An In Situ Semantics for Ordinals. In NELS 45: Proceedings of the Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. (pp. 135-144). Amherst: GLSA.