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The derivational morphology of Dutch

In the past, the Meertens Institute has conducted a great deal of morphological research, but it has always been focused on inflection. In the upcoming research period, we would specifically like to focus on the investigation of derivational morphology in the standard language (in the Taalportaal), in the dialects (based on the large data files that the Meertens Institute has compiled over the years as well as on new surveys to be conducted), and in the historical circumstances (based on the Nederlab infrastructure, etc.) What factors determine productivity; how are derivations produced? Are they stored as a whole and retrieved from memory? Are they continuously re-derived from a linguistic rule such as one that combines words with prefixes and suffixes? Or is there evidence of a more complicated combination of storage and calculations?

Researchers: Marc van Oostendorp, Nicoline van der Sijs, Ton van der Wouden