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Use of website

Despite the care with which this website has been constructed, the possibility cannot be excluded that the information provided may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies due to current developments or changing insights. You cannot therefore derive any rights from the contents of the texts on the website. The Meertens Institute accepts no liability for the contents of the information on the website or for the consequences of its use. No guarantee is given for the error-free or uninterrupted functioning of the website.The Meertens Institute is not responsible for the contents of third-party websites to which links are provided.

Database right

The Meertens Institue is the producer of the database(s) on this website. Unless such is for private purposes, for illustration in teaching or scientific research, no substantial portion of the contents of a database may be retrieved or reused without the consent of the Meertens Institute, nor may non-substantial parts of the contents of a database be repeatedly and systematically retrieved or reused without the consent of the Meertens Institute. Retrieval shall be taken to include the permanent or temporary transfer of some or all of the contents of the database to a different medium, by any means and in any form. This shall include operations such as downloading, printing out, copying, and printing. Re-use shall be taken to mean any means of making some or all of the contents of the database available to the public, for example, by publishing it on the internet.

Intellectual property rights

The rights relating to the website – including the texts, images, design, photos, video and/or audio material, formats, software, etc. – are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. Without the consent of the Meertens Institue, no information on this website (or part thereof) may be copied, downloaded, or in any manner published, distributed, duplicated, altered in any way whatsoever, incorporated into another document or material, or made available to third parties. You may, however, print out and/or download information from this website for your own personal use.

The publications on this website may be quoted for non-commercial purposes (for example in education and for scientific research) and for personal use. In doing so, you must mention the Meertens Institute of the creator and the source.

Rights of third parties

The Meertens Institute respects the rights of third parties. The Meertens Institute has made every effort to trace the owner(s) of the material on this website. Any person who believes that his/her material has nevertheless been displayed on this website without consent is requested to contact the Meertens Institute. You can do so by sending an e-mail to klacht@meertens.knaw.nl. Your personal details will not be retained for any longer than is necessary in order to deal with your e-mail.

When you visit this website, the IP address from which you do so is stored in a log file in so far as necessary. This makes it possible to detect attacks (bots and hacking attempts) and to defend the website against them. In addition, the IP addresses are used to determine the number of unique visitors to the website. No privacy-sensitive information is processed. You can read our privacy policy in the privacy statement at the website of the KNAW.

Amendments to disclaimer

This disclaimer was drawn up in November 2018. The Meertens Institute may amend and/or alter this disclaimer if developments give reason to do so. You are recommended to check periodically whether the disclaimer has been amended.