Ibañez Martín, R. (Rebeca)

Senior Researcher Ethnology
020 462 85 43


Dr. Rebeca Ibáñez Martín studied History and Anthropology in Madrid, and received her PhD in Philosophy of Science “cum laude” (University of Salamanca, Spain) in 2014. She worked at the Anthropology department of the University of Amsterdam as a post-doctoral fellow after defending her PhD. In 2017 she was awarded a NWO-MVI Responsible Innovation grant entitled “Normativities of waste water treatment: Putting micro-algae to work in Ecovillage Boekel”, led by Annemarie Mol, where Ibáñez Martín studied the design and implementation of an experimental nutrient recovery system from wastewater developed at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO). In January of 2019 Rebeca started a tenure-track position at the Ethnology department of the Meertens Institute (HuC-KNAW) where she leads a thematic line on Anthropology of Food, Body and Wellbeing. She became tenured as senior scientist in 2022, and in 2023 she was awarded the Aspasia premie and promoted to Associate Professor. Since May of 2023, Ibáñez Martín is in charge of coordinating the new Environmental Humanities initiative of the Humanities Cluster (HuC-KNAW).

Ibáñez Martín is a supervisor and lecturer in the Master in Medical Anthropology, University of Amsterdam, and a research fellow at NL-LAB where she contributes to the lines of research on human and other-than-human relations in animal farms in the Netherlands. Together with colleagues from the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ibáñez Martín is starting a new project entitled “A Planetary Food Commons for Healthy and Sustainable Diets” awarded by the ‘Healthy Futures’ Strategic Plan at the UvA (2023). Amongst others, Ibáñez Martín was awarded a seed grant in 2020 from the Amsterdam Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) entitled “Greenhouse Futures: an ethnography of a complex socio-ecological system” to do preliminary fieldwork in greenhouses, and organized a workshop titled ‘Coloniality, Decoloniality, and Extractive Anthropocenes’.



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