10 – 14 oktober 2022: Animal – Human Studies from a Humanities Perspective

Vijfdaagse cursus aan het Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA), georganiseerd door Leonie Cornips (Meertens Instituut, Universiteit Maastricht) en Maarten Reesink (UvA).


Human-Animal Studies is about us, humans, and the dynamic (power) relations we have with other animals. It is a new academic discipline, combining theories and research from fields as diverse as history, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, and media studies. In this course, we will explore the origins of this new interdisciplinary field, figure out why and how traditional disciplines have contributed to this so-called ‘animal turn’ in academia, particularly in the humanities (and the social sciences), and imagine what this all means for our current and future relations with other animals.

Therefore, the course will critically engage with the construct of ‘the human’, connecting directly to (new understandings of) interspecies ethics aiming at how to get to know animals on their own terms, and to respect them in doing research. In doing so, we will decenter the human perspective in elaborating a non-anthropocentric approach to culture including language that may help foster more egalitarian relationships to and between different species.

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Beeld:, BVA (CC BY-SA 2.0)