Publicatiedatum: 6 mei 2014

Ethnology Lecture over IJslands populaire worstelsport glima als nationale cultuur en immaterieel ergoed

Engelstalige lezing door dr. Valdimar Hafstein, University of Iceland.

Sculpting Modern Men, Shaping National Bodies:

Wrestling, National Culture versus Cultural Heritage


Declared Iceland's national sport, traditional glíma wrestling offers a vantage point on the body techniques involved in the formation of modern national subjects and their relationship to time. Relying on rich visual evidence, Hafstein will analyze the sculpting of male bodies through glíma wrestling within two distinct regimes of value: national culture in the early 20th century and cultural heritage in the early 21st century. He will argue that national culture creates divisions in space but collapses time, bringing the old "golden age" into the new "golden age", while cultural heritage creates divisions in time but not necessarily in space. His paper queries the body of heritage: how it is constituted, disciplined, carried, experienced and how temporal relationships are inscribed on bodies.

Time: 17:00 -18:30 (drinks after)

Place: Spui 25, Amsterdam


Information: Peter Jan Margry, tel. 020 – 4628500