Publicatiedatum: 12 februari 2020

Lecture: Embodied grammar in dairy cows

20 February, 15:30 -17:00: Embodied grammar in dairy cows 
Leonie Cornips & Marjo van Koppen, Meertens Institute, KNAW Humanities Cluster  

The aim of this talk is to explore whether linguistics can a priori exclude research of non-human animals since many new biological and ethological studies about non-human language, cultures, cognition, and emotion affirm Darwin’s thesis that differences between humans and other animals are of degree, not kind. There is vast discussion in the generative literature on whether animals employ a linguistic system that is comparable to that of human language or not. Read more

Lecture UiL-OTS Colloquium: monthly colloquium with researchers in language and speech sciences addressing issues from their specialty

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